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Is Video Production Expensive?
A: That depends on how many helicopters you need, but no it all depends on your needs and the budget; Onyx can work with both.
Can you film outside of Florida?
A: Of course. And we already have (See our Partners Section)
How can we contact you?
A: Onyx is never too busy to build a new relationship, so call or email us with some questions about your production or project; We reply quickly.
Do you do Translations?
A: Yes, in fact Spanish, English, and Portuguese are not a problem for Onyx Media Group at all.
Can you secure us a studio?
A: Of course in fact we can more than likely get a studio secured close to where your business operates, we have a great partnership with some of the biggest studios in the world.
Why is your name Onyx Media Group
A: Ah yes we get that question a lot. It’s kind of a secret, but if you guess correctly we will let you know if you’re right.
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