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Why Hire Onyx Media Group?


It’s a question we get when meeting with clients: Why hire Onyx Media Group? The simple answer is…because.


Why hire Onyx Media Group? Because we are a small minority owned business and not a large ad agency. You know what large ad agencies are good at? Billing. Yep, and that’s why we stay small and creative, streamlined and cost effective.


Why hire Onyx Media Group? We have national clients that prefer to work with us, because we work. Onyx Media Group has done shoots in just about every state, and guess what? Our clients didn’t have to pay for some hipster self-appointed “Creative Director” to sit around and drink craft beer all day on the clients dime, mainly because we don’t employ hipsters, we employ people who work for a living. Not that we don’t enjoy craft beer, but as long as it is not on the clients time.


Why hire Onyx Media Group? Onyx Media Group works hard to find creative solutions to your brand’s challenges, and emptying your production budget isn’t one of them.


Why hire Onyx Media Group? We can crew in any state at any location, we have the greatest amount of affordable resources in production bar none, and we consistently overachieve creatively with proven results, while underachieving and delivering under budget.


Why hire Onyx Media Group? Awards, accolades, reviews and group hugs, we love them, but don’t hang our hats on them. Onyx Media Group is only as good as our clients tell other businesses about, so we are always to step up our game and ready ourselves for the next challenge.


Why hire Onyx Media Group? Your company needs to get a message across, quickly, creatively and cost effectively and there is no one else who does it better than us. We work at the speed of Creative, not billing. We enjoy what we do, and have made it our passion to be the best at it. The next time your need any media production, we hope you trust us with your business.





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