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Nashville Ice Storm 2015

Nashville Ice Storm 2015

Ice storm and How to fix a production when everything goes wrong, that’s this weeks topic.  Its not easy, and until last week we really had never had a problem of this magnitude arise, cue the snow and ice storm. So when we booked our latest production in Nashville, we had no idea what was waiting for us.  Our Onyx Media Group main production team arrived that Sunday night, and the talent, crew and models were to join us Monday for a walk through rehearsal then full production on Tuesday. That’s was all good and nice until the Monday Morning Ice Storm, apparently it never snows, let alone ice in Nashville. Flights were cancelled, highways shut down, and while the studios were ready and the set built, there was no talent or models due to the ice storm.

IceStorm04_MP_13374451_ver1_0_640_480So while tractor trailers were jack knifed on the highways, we were sorting our how to get our models and talent onto the set ASAP, and due to the ice storm it wasn’t easy. Flight needed to be rebooked, we had to find new talent (and it can be slim pickings in Nashville during an Ice Storm let me tell you), and the studio needed to be rebooked and extended. Normally this would really throw a wrinkle into the budget, and it did. However by the grace of the production Gods we were able to iron out that wrinkle and make it more of a crease. In the end we shot the shot, and didn’t incur any overtime, which considering the circumstances was a bit of a miracle. controlroom_304xx3257-2168-0-280


The client was somewhat please (I’ll take it), and the crew was amazing. The set was fantastic. It was a learning experience for all of us at Onyx Media Group, and one we hope doesn’t happen again. But if it does it’s great to know that we are prepared for anything.



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