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Think big is an idea that seems simple to do, but is extremely difficult to execute. We like to think big here at Onyx, and we always follow through with the execution, because honestly that’s where the hard work comes in. What happens when you don’t think big? Let’s use the Super Bowl as an example. Super Bowl commercials can make a company successful almost over night if you think big, if you don’t it can make you the laughing stock of the ad industry the next morning. Now  we were asked to come up with ideas for a potential client, and we did. We think big so we went big in our presentation, the challenge was the client didn’t want to think big, they wanted to think safe. Now when you spend a lot of money on one ad, you would think logic dictates that you go absolutely all out and either shock the audience, or leave them laughing or crying, sometimes both and wanting to know more about your product. In this instance we came up with a brilliant ad idea, and after presenting it, people actually thought it was funny, and not the good funny, the funny as in they laughed us out of the room. Our ad idea was a bit retro, and to them retro was dead. Long story we didn’t get to produce it, and we didn’t get asked back (more on that later).

So what happened? They went with an ad that was pretty much a bust, both visually and commercially. It turns out that “retro” was not dead after all (thanks Radio Shack) and in fact it turned out to be in a number of spots that aired and garnered a lot of respect within the advertising community. Think big. They didn’t and the business suffered. Now as to why we weren’t asked back, you see that’s because not thinking big sometimes has repercussions, as do most decisions in business. The management was shown the door, and not the front exit either, and a new regime came in to run things therefore we were not asked back. Think big. Were we discouraged? Did we close up shop and shutter the doors to our offices, move in with our parents, set up in the basement and decide maybe playing Call Of Duty all day was what our lives had in store for us? Nope. We continue to thrive with our existing clients and continue to create some of the most brilliantly executed video content on the web and on national broadcast.

The next time a company comes calling will we play it safe? No, we will think big. We always think big. The reason is simple, we know how much you have invested in your company, product or service. All the time, the blood sweat and tears, the sacrifices made, and all the lean to non existent years you’ve had to suffer through. With all of that why would you expect anything else from your branding team than to think big? At Onyx you’re more than just an invoice, we want your business to succeed and we make sure we think big to make that happen.


onyx media group

onyx media group

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